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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing salem state university transcript request
Hello i'm jessica from the Writing Center and I'm here to help you sign up for classes on navigator we just need to log on to navigator now if you haven't logged on before you can just use your salem state ID number and the password you use for your student email and other student accounts and just login here so this video is assuming that you've already seen your advisor in order to get your registration code so if you haven't done that already make sure you talk to them as soon as possible so that you can discuss what classes you need to take and get the code so that you can sign up for your classes you've already seen your advisor then you're all set to continue to your registration shopping cart we just need it to load so the registration shopping cart is going to be right here in this left side menu right here at this point it's going to ask you which semester you want to sign up for this may vary depending on when you're doing it I'm going to click spring 2015 alright so let's add some classes my schedule already has a few classes in it but let's add some things to my cart here your advisor should have given you some class names such as en el 200 or m80 101 and you can look these up by either clicking on some by either clicking on search and clicking select subject where you can just click whichever acronym fits with the class on your list I will click yeah now but if you already know the free letter acronym like if it's already on your sheet you can just type it in and it will automatically come up in the corner here and the next thing you have to do is type in your course number which is the number that's right next to that free letter acronym so for the sake of this video I'm going to do you know 300 none of this stuff really needs to be changed unless you're a graduate student or a night student and then if you leave this it will just show only open classes so let's click search all right so a good thing to note here is that you can look at your class schedule and your shopping cart right at the top so that you can pick a class without it clashing with the other times and if you just look through here usually there are more listed but this is where all of your search results will come up and from here you can decide which time works for you you can add it to your schedule so let's click select um here some classes will ask you to pick us section for the course most will not but if it does you just need to pick whichever one is what you need and then you can click Next and it will just show all of the class for information the prerequisites and if you think all of this is set for you you can just click Next and it will be added to your cart right here okay so now your classes are in your cart you can either pick more classes or you can just go right on to step 2 of 3 and this would be the step where you're going to need that registration code we mentioned at the beginning that you get from your advisor so I'm going to go ahead and...